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Frequently Asked Questions Artificial Turf?

Why would I want Artificial Turf?

Artificial Turf is an extremely versatile product. It is natural looking, long lasting, it feels soft and keeps it colour all year round. It is great for children or pets for preventing mud and mess coming into the house.

What surfaces can it be installed on?

Artificial Turf most often is installed to replace an existing lawn surface, we can remove the old one and fully prepare a base to fit the new lawn or putting green on. But it can also be fitted in many places where natural turf cannot go; over old decking; covering an old patio; we can do the front of commercial business properties and more; if you are unsure about a surface or area then contact us and we’ll tell you how we can best fit your Turf.

Is artificial turf safe and non-toxic?

Yes, and especially suitable for children and pets are some of the main reasons people go for artificial turf. It is safe, non-toxic, easy to clean and real no-hassle solution for a safe place for your family to play and relax. All of our turf are manufactured in the EU providing that safe manufacturing procedures and materials are used.

Does artificial turf require maintenance?

Unlike some companies we are not going to claim it is maintenance free, but that it is very low maintenance. All that is required to keep your artificial turf looking good and healthy is the following; every 2 to 3 years the sand infill may need topped up; if your lawn has trees that shed leaves ensure that an excessive build up of leaves does not occur to prevent any kind of moss forming and if the turf begins to look flatter then a quick brush up will help this. As for weeds, the artificial turf is produced using a very strong latex backing and weeds have no chance of penetrating through this. This also applies to moles and rabbits trying to burrow through the surface. As an additional precaution, we always lay a weed suppressant membrane under the artificial grass to prevent any weed growth through the small drainage holes.

Is it harmful to the environment?

Artificial turf is not harmful to the environment, it requires no watering, needs no pesticides or other chemicals to maintain it. It eliminates the need for power intensive maintenance.

Does it look really plastic?

Increasingly, this is not the case. Modern artificial turf products have a great, natural feel and look. Most of our products use a mixture of colour tones in the fibres to give a less ‘manufactured’ look giving a realistic finish to the lawn. If you need more

Will it drain properly?

Yes. The turf has drainage holes in the base of the fabric allowing water (and other liquids)to pass through unhindered. If required, in particularly bad surfaces, we can also install drainage systems in your base.

How long will it last?

The grasses are guaranteed for up to 10 years against colour fade. This guarantees no fading but the turf should be usable and functional beyond this period if looked after. Guarantees on the turf are applicable world-wide including much hotter and brighter climates than here so colour fade in Australia shouldn’t be a problem.

How can I install it?

We can provide you with a guide to install the turf if you need it just look at our installation page. We can also fully install the product for you, if needed. Be aware some stages of the installation will benefit from extra knowledge and experience, for example cutting, shaping and joining the grass can be difficult and if done incorrectly Is difficult to fix. It can also be extremely heavy, physically demanding and time consuming work and this is why we have a variety of machinery and specialist tools when we install.

What is the order process, how do I get it?

Initially get in touch with us and we can arrange to either get some samples sent out to you or come out and do a survey and quote, both of these options are free of charge. You will then receive a quote either by post or email, depending on your preference. If you then wish to go ahead with your installation after this we require a 1/3 deposit and we’ll arrange an installation date with you. If you are ordering the turf only get in touch and we’ll arrange quantities and delivery prices for you.

What is the difference between different synthetic turf companies?

Ask and compare face weights, stitch rates, nylon thatch percentage and backings. There are less expensive backings now with many claims and do not qualify to be used on sports fields. Comparing the aforementioned will reveal the quality of the products and what you are getting for your money. While yarn technology is more difficult to determine, So Cal Synthetic Lawns only carries the latest technology in yarns.

Is there any maintenance involved?

 Yes there is. Turf should be rinsed and groomed periodically. The frequency of cleaning should be determined by the activity level. For example, if your turf is subject to animals and pets it should be rinsed more often. The higher traffic areas should also be groomed more often. To properly clean, rinse and use a stiff bristled broom or rake to groom the fibers. This will help prevent matting and maintain the appearance. If the turf is not groomed periodically and does mat substantially, we suggest you have it groomed professionally to restore its appearance. We also suggest for areas of heavy path traffic that you place stepping stones or form some kind of path.

Is synthetic turf good for pets?

 The answer is yes! Turf is extremely popular for animal Hospitals, Kennels, Ranch Owners and Home Owners with pets. Animal urine does not damage or stain synthetic turf. What is most attractive is even with pets a green lawn can be sustained.

How do I clean the turf?

Simply rinse with water as needed. With pets, pick up solid waste and residue can be sprayed clean. Rinse as frequently as needed to avoid odors which are a build up of bacterial spores. For a thorough cleaning, which should be rarely needed-flush with a mixture of 50% white distilled vinegar and 50% water. This will neutralize the bacterial spores.

Is it true the synthetic turf can get hot?

The turf can get hot in temperatures usually above 80-90 degrees in direct sunlight. Blade temperature can be decreased with Durafill. Durafill does not heat up like rubber, therefore not transferring that intense heat into the blades of grass.

 What is the difference between infill and non-infill products?

“Non-infill products” are convenient when selling directly to the public or simply to make an install easier and less expensive. There are crucial, functional reasons for the infill. The primary reasons are the following: the infill gives a barrier and protects the tufts during activity. The infill is used for ballast-on a typical install there will be hundreds or thousands of pounds of infill to weigh down the product. The infill offers G-MAX, which is the softness under your feet, it’s safer too. Infill also offers a base for increased blade recovery. We believe a more appropriate name would be minimal infill products.

Does the synthetic turf drain?

The backing is perforated and will drain as natural grass typically would. If drains would be needed with natural grass, synthetic turf should be treated the same.

 Does the shine go away and why do some products shine more than others?

The shine will progressively diminish and go away. Some products in the market place are shinier than others for various reasons i.e. wider blades refract more light, rectangular yarns refract more light, and some yarns go through a delustering process. The length of time depends on the product shape and the chemical makeup of the yarn.

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